Marty Khoury

Marty began flying at age 16, earned his private pilots license at 17… and then at 18 joined the NSW Fire Brigade (Australia‚Äôs largest urban fire and rescue service) to fund his future flying training. At 20 years of age he started his first commercial flying job as a flying instructor. Marty continues to instruct casually today ‘for fun’ with a focus on IFR training, multi engine students, aerobatics and type ratings. During his career as an instructor his focus was on CRM, training, checking and producing manuals; and he was also contracted to produce countless operator manuals for both fixed wing and rotary organisations.

Marty has a long history in general aviation and has flown countless types in just as many roles in various countries. He has a strong emphasis on training, CRM, safety management and IT. He has produced numerous online training and management systems as an accredited IT quality assurance officer starting with a system written in Cold Fusion called Complete Aviation Management System (CAMS) in 1999. That system was orientated around tracking about every operational aspect of a small airline but it was later sold off to a US based software company. Since then, his IT focus is orientated around training and social systems. In his latest job, Marty was contracted to build a full Learning Management System (LMS) which has since evolved into a comprehensive crew safety resource, information repository, social system for crew – as well as fulfilling learning management and examination functions. Marty continues to own and administer the system.

Marty also has a commercial helicopter licence and has endulged in hang gliding, gliding and skydiving. He continues to fly rotary aircraft ‘for fun’.

Marty has a formal education is law and criminology. He spent a number of years in the NSW Police Force (while continuing to fly) and worked within various law enforcement roles. Why the Police Force? He says it was “just for a bit of fun“.

Marty met FlightPodcast’s Adam when he was tasked as his training captain on the Metro 23. He later met Ken when they both joined a new international airline, V Australia. They both worked closely together facilitating the airline’s early IT infrastructure… and they’ve since joined forces with various websites and blogs – including this podcast.

Marty has three businesses outside the realm of aviation in the areas of finance and media. He owns over 270 websites and blogs and contracts to very select organisations (including those in the airline industry). One of his current companies does a lot of media work, producing some branding strategies/media content for various airlines. He is also producing an aviation ‘lifestyle’ program for television with Adam and they hope to have their first episode broadcast this year. Much of what their pair are doing is also orientated around ‘new media’ for the web.

Marty has written for a number of aviation magazines and websites (often using a pseudonym to avoid what he calls ‘imperial entanglements’). He continues to blog on a number of aviation and IT websites. You can find his aviation lifestyle blog at Marty is on Twitter at @martykhoury but also tweets from the shared accounts, @flightorg and @flightpodcast.

When Marty isn’t working he’s sleeping. He’s also an accomplished musician and plays about a dozen instruments. Hopefully, over time, Marty and Adam will record original music for the program.

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