Ken Pascoe

Ken Pascoe was born in Essendon, Victoria in 1969 and grew up within sight of aircraft taking off and landing at first Essendon Airport and later on Tullamarine Airport during the early seventies. His father was a flying instructor for much of this time and would sit on the apex of their house under construction with Ken in his lap, pointing out the aircraft taking off and landing nearby. One of Ken’s earliest memories include sitting in the back of light aircraft (whether or not there were seats) watching his father teach others to fly. From all of this a lifelong obsession with Aviation and flight was begun.

At the age of 12 Ken was introduced to his first computer, a Commodore Pet which was followed by a series of PC based computers that began a second obsession with Computers and Computer Programming. This included tertiary study of computer science and many periods of involvement in software development and IT project management in a variety of airlines during his (so far) 25 year career in Aviation.

Ken has flown Boeing 747-400’s for Cathay Pacific based in Hong Kong; Airbus A310/A300 and Boeing 777’s Emirates based in Dubai and currently flies and teaches for V Australia, a Virgin Blue owned airline based in Sydney, Australia.

Ken lives with his wife Meg, three children, 5 laptops, 2 computers, a dog, a cat, 4 iTouch’s, and 6 mobile phones in Geelong, Victoria.

There’s no other way to describe Ken other than to say he’s a certified genius. As a very accomplished check and training pilot in heavy jets – not unlike Karlene – they bring a technical competence in heavy metal to the program to balance the extensive instructional backgrounds of Marty and Adam.

Ken blogs at and tweets from @FlightPodcast, @flightorg & @KenPascoe. Karlene has written a Friday Fabulous Flyer blog on Ken that’s well worth reading.