Karlene Petitt

Karlene is an author, airline pilot, mother, grandmother, wife of 28 years, student, daughter, sister, friend, gardener, cook, artist, tri dosha who loves dark chocolate and deep red wine.

Karlene has flown with Coastal, Evergreen, Braniff, America West, Guyana, Tower, & Northwest Airlines and she describes her life as “an incredible ride”. Karlene is now flying with Delta Airlines, the 8th leg of her airline journey, as an A330 pilot. She has 6 type ratings, two masters degrees (and a third she describes as a Ph.D of life) and is in the final stages of her first novel – Flight For Control.

Karlene has a side business, CIO incorporated. CIO was named for her belief system: ‘Crisis Is Opportunity’… doing business as Contract Aviation Services, where she creates flight training programs, write manuals, and work with pilots to help them achieve their dreams in aviation. Simulator instruction, tutoring, coaching, prepping for an interview and ultimately help them connect with employment opportunities.

Karlene’s writing experience includes airline training manuals, company procedures, LOFT scenariors, many term papers, and a thesis or two. She has also studied under award winning author, William Bernhardt.

On Karlene’s days off, you will find Karlene playing with the grand kids, at the movies with her husband, writing, painting, reading, tiling, cooking, eating chocolate, up-side-down in a yoga class, taking long walks, working in the garden in her bikini…. and now, recording FlightPodcast!

Karlene describes her mission statement as follows: To inspire new pilots, share the love of aviation, and navigate our profession to a promising future.

You can read Karlene’s personal blog at Flight To Success or tweeting away at @KarlenePetitt and @FlightPodcast.