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About us

We’re Australia’s premier and largest aviation podcast… and one of the world’s most popular. Although we’re – in essence – an Aussie program by virtue of our notable Aussie presence behind the microphone, we’re a world podcast that appeals to a global audience.

Flight Podast is an aviation variety (lifestyle) program designed to both entertain, inform and sometimes educate our large and ever-growing audience. The intended audience is anybody from passengers, enthusiasts, flight instructors, private pilots or accomplished professionals.

Your podcast presenters are all accomplished aviation professionals. Despite the fact that they are all currently working in various international airlines, they all have a history in general aviation and elementary flight training – both in Australia and the United States.

Our four presenters have combined aeronautical experience of nearly 50,000 hours; and between them they have flown 10 jet types, 12 turbine types, and dozens of piston-engine single and twin engine aircraft.

Our presenters have worked in countless areas of aviation including early flight training (PPL, CPL, ATP, Instrument & Instructor), Airline Check and Training, General Aviation Check and Training, airline management, sales, marketing, media, social media and IT. They broad range of experiences are vast and their copmbined knowledge is likely unmatched by any aviation program of its type.

We’re thrilled to confirm that we’ll have well known aviation personalities who will introduce their own short segment to the program over coming weeks. We’ll have details for you soon.

Our Presenters


MartyMarty is currently a First Officers on the Boeing 777 with an international airline. He has flown in numerous positions within the industry with a strong emphasis with training, IT and media. Read more about Marty here.


KenKen is a check and training captain with an international airline flying the Boeing 777. Ken comes from an airline background with an emphasis on training, IT and management. Read more about Ken here.


KarleneKarlene is an accomplished pilot, author… and grandmother. Karlene has a long history with a number of US airlines with a focus on flying virtually every Boeing airliner ever built, although she is currently an Airbus A330 First Officer. Karlene has a strong background in training and various training management roles. Read more about Karlene here.


AdamAdam is an extremely accomplished general aviation pilot having spent most of his early career in the Cessna Conquest II and Metro 23. Adam is currently a First Officer on the Boeing 777. Read more about Adam here.