Include Flight Podcast on your website!

We’re working on a large number of audio players you can easily embed into your website so your visitors can listen to the latest episode of Flight Podcast. Alternatively, you can embed older episodes from this page. We’ll update this page regularly with the latest player options.

If you want to include the latest episode of Flight Podcast on your website, use the code provided below on your website. We’ve used a small Javascript include file to make life easier for you, and it enables us to update small bugs in code from time-to-time without having to issue updates. Each time we record a new episode the code will automatically render the most up-to-date audio for your listeners.

The G Player

The G-player is simple and elegant and loads very quickly. It is 400 pixels wide by 27 pixels in height but cannot be resized. It features buttons to progressively seek through the track, a timeline slider and volume control. It will read the length of the audio as soon as it loads.

Copy and paste the snippet of Javascript into your webpage.

Simple Button 1

Simple Button 1 is as the name implies. Simple. It does nothing other than play and pause.

Copy and paste the above code and paste it into your website.

WPS Player

The WPS Button is one of the more common audio players on the web. Although simple, it renders a timeline, it includes a volume control and pause button, and it renders some text.


Copy and paste the following code to include the WPS Player into your site.

The player will default to 350 pixels in length unless you otherwise state with a width variable (example: ?width=380) in the player URL. An example of a player set to 380 pixels is included below. The player may only be set between 150 and 500 pixels in width. Other options for this player will come soon.

Flight Podcast Album

The Flight Podcast album is the first of many more feature rich players that we’ll make available. This player includes a feature that slides through selected episodes. When playing it renders a functional equaliser as well as the more common controls such as a volume knob and timeline.

If you include the audio on your site it would be appreciated if you provide a link. Of course, we’ll reciprocate.

If you have any suggestions or support enquires, please post them below. Alternatively, you can contact us via the contact form.