About Flight Podcast

Flight Podcast, only after a few episodes, have established themselves as one of the world’s most listened to aviation podcasts – and we’re certainly the most popular in Australia. Our early success has come from the overwhelming support shown by the professional aviation community (despite the fact our ‘market’ is anybody from enthusiasts to professionals). The mission of our program is to boost awareness of aviation, to educate people on learning to fly (from four people that have taught elementary training) and to interview aviation personalities from all walks of aviation life. Our primary mission is one of improving aviation safety awareness.

Your Presenters

Marty, Ken, Karlene and Adam are all working airline pilots who have, between them, over 50,000 hours in 10 different airliner types, and they’ve flown and/or worked in just about every role that aviation has to offer. Our goal is and always will be (by way of our hosts and regular guests) to ensure that we have a cast and crew of accomplished, educated and knowledgeable aviation professionals.

Our History

FlightPodcast.com was a long time in the making. The idea for the podcast isn’t anything new. In fact, an early version of the podcast, under a different name, was recorded a number of years ago, but the fact that only 1500 or so people downloaded the podcast was a little discouraging, so we put the project on hold and focused on other media ventures. Since that time, however, we’ve come to realise that we were actually doing quite well.

Now, however, it’s not the number of downloads we’re interested in – but the process. We want to make a public record of various people and events while, at the same time, make an entertaining (and sometimes educational) podcast for the betterment of aviation, and indeed aviation safety.

There are a number of excellent aviation podcasts on the Internet, many that we would like to forge meaningful relationships with, but we identified with a clear and present need that isn’t fulfilled by any other program. That is, we felt that there was a market for an entertaining program produced by a group of accomplished aviation professionals.

We have a lot planned with the program. Despite the fact that we may often drift into technical tangents and indulge in aviation speak littered with aviation acronyms and abbreviations, our intended audience is anybody from an entry level enthusiast to an accomplished professional.

As part of our market research we distributed early versions of podcast number one to a range of listeners and we got nothing but positive feedback… suggesting that we’ve come close to our aim of making the information digestible by a wide range of audiences. This isn’t to say that we don’t have a long way to go – because we do.

The first podcast highlighted a number of issues that need attention. Our sound quality, for starters, is something we’re working on now after having learned some valuable and irreversible lessons. The style in which we speak is something else that we just weren’t aware of when we were recording. Thankfully, we have a Sydney radio personality who has agreed to sit down with us and give us some pointers so we don’t sound as ridiculous as we did with our first episode.

General Disclaimer

Part of what we have planned, and part of what makes our podcast unique, is our round-table style of discussion. It has to be clearly stated that any post-incident analysis or critical discussion is not to discredit the airline industry, airlines, agencies or to undermine any pilot’s decision making. Instead, this round table forum is designed to facilitate learning and create a proactive forum for safety issues in support of the aviation industry. The comments and opinions do not necessarily represent the opinions of the airlines or organisations in which our presenters work, and they are made for the sole purpose of education, safety and awareness. You can read our full disclaimer here.